Sunday, March 13, 2011

Life as a Slow Loris

Two weeks can be a long time when each minute is spent diverting thoughts of a hard-going hospital stay from one’s mind.  It’s been a very slow time going for myself and Dan. In order to help us out, some dear friends of mine sent us away to the North Carolina coast. We spent a few days at the beach and walked around Wilmington, so we wouldn’t have to dwell on the up coming days.  Thank you so much for that.

It worked for the most part and we were very happy to be away from home and to be walking in the sun; it was beautiful weather. We looked through the window of the popular ice cream shop on Market St. thinking we’d get an ice cream cone and sit by the water. But when we saw that half the population of Wilmington had the same idea, we went across the street to a less popular shop and got two shakes to go. We found a bench by the river front to sit and slurp our shakes when I noticed a pretty young girl, her handsome boyfriend and a strange out-of-place looking older man collecting next to us. I thought 'how strange' - they were so nervous and jumpy.
   Then an older couple and two younger girls came running towards the three that were standing there. Flowers in the older woman’s arms began to spin the scene in focus for me. I could now see that the girl dressed in white was a bride to be, and the nicely dressed young man was her groom. We were about to witness a wedding by the water.
   It was so sweet to hear this handsome couple accept their wedding vows. I felt a bit like I was intruding on their moment, but I was also so happy to hear the words Dan and I said to each other over 10 years ago. I know it’s sappy, but for me it was a re-conformation of my love for Dan, and a reminder not to let stress and fear take hold of me; and to let myself concentrate on the bright sun, the park bench and Dan’s hand holding onto mine.

My gung-ho spirit has taken a bit of a hit by having to wait the two weeks for my treatment. But if I look at the bright-side - I’m going in with a more open relaxed attitude. I’ll still be a full positive receptor, but I’ll be able to take the ride as it comes. I’ll try not hang on too hard, mindfully forcing things to work, but to move through and on to the next process, if that is what's needed for the Interleukin 2 to work for me.

I never got around to painting at the beach, but on every sunny day we’ve had this week Dan and I have gone to Sara P. Duke Gardens and painted. I finished up two existing watercolors and started a new one of where we sat in the park. Hopefully, this painting in the park will become a habit - we’ll see.

Unfinished Sara P. Duke Gardens:

I also took some fabulous portraits of Glen looking like Woodstock. Sometimes it’s good to be slow as a Loris.

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