Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's Go-Time!

I’ll be checking into the hospital ICU tomorrow. I have to report at 9AM and I’m very out of my skin scared. I won’t be having the Interleukin 2 dose until 6 in the evening. So If everyone would think of me at that moment and if possible every 8 hours afterward, through Saturday evening. I’d appreciate it so much!

I know it’s a lot to ask - but if you do happen to think of me - think of how the Interleukin 2 is working for me and how it’s actually killing off my cancer cells. I really think it will help me get through this.  You all have helped me so much already, and with your positive thoughts it will be the hammer that pounds the big C into a little c and knock it right out of my body!

I depend on knowing you are all there rooting for me, as I know you all are. And I know this statement is over the top and over-dramatic, but: I  want to live!  I want to continue to enjoy everyone and everything I have grown to love, all the people and things that make up the fabric of my life;  it’s just too soon for me to leave now. I have way too many projects and things to see and do.

I love you all. Thank you for standing behind me it would be all so much harder to go through on my own.

Love to each and everyone of you,


  1. Yes, you do!!!!! I am rooting for you, and will be doing healing meditation for you then. X O X Rebecca

  2. Good vibes on the way Letha! After chemo try to eat as much as you can to keep up your strength, and sleep or at least take it easy/get as much rest as you need.
    Just in case, if you get painful skin irritations/blisters inside your mouth after chemo ask for an oral lidocaine rinse. I'm wit' you, go girl! xo Elana

  3. I'll be thinking of you Letha while hurling through the sky with my little babe! Sending lots of LOVE!

  4. 10 times a day- on the hour- every minute as well. just focus on how much love comes yoru way- and how much support you have

  5. Letha! I haven't been very good at checking posts but I am so glad I did today! I am thinking of you as you get ready for Go-time this evening. Lots of love to you right now. I promise to check in more often to help keep up strength and courage. You are so loved. xos

  6. Letha- I'm Kerri, a long lost acquaintance from NYC. I am sending you my positive thoughts and healing meditation. Let's do this thing!

  7. Like synchronicity - I just found this blog today from Dan's FB page, but throughout the week I'd been thinking about you two and wondering how things are going, hoping you're well. Keep up the good fight!