Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Good Comb-Over Does Wonders!

In this blog I want to call attention to all the people that have helped us by coming up with great ideas to raise money for my medical expenses, which are going to be changing for the worse later this year! It's really going to be hard to keep up. 
I want to thank Johnny Brewton and his press X-Ray Book & Novelty Co for making this Broadside of Dan's poem 'Hello, my name is Barbeque'.  There have been 100 copies made that are to be given to anyone who makes a $20.00 or more donation to my medical fund. The size of the broadside (14X6 and 3/4's) and is a 3 color letterpress on high quality paper/card stock. That $20 includes shipping.

Or, for $35 (including shipping) sent to through paypal, you can get the broadside and the album 'C.C.D.E Music' Dan's newest release. (pictured above)

The Photo below is shocking - at least to me it is; but I have found the wonders of a good comb-over and cover up! When looking on in disgust, keep in mind this means my drugs are working! So I have to look at this new development as a good one! I'm going to embrace it and turn it into as Dan says, "A hat parade!" I can't seem to settle on any one look in particular. Depending on the temperature - too hot - too cold - which one is just right? It's hard to say. I've already had three on today!

You may wonder "What is this a photo of??  Focus, and then it comes clear that I have gone quite bald in spots.

Is this the hunch back of Noter-dame's mis-shaped head? No it's just me, going bald! But with the right comb-over I can still pull off a Semi-decent hair-day; as long as the wind is still. And thank god for the Eyebrows which can be found at Headcovers Unlimited. They're fantastic and stay on for days!!!! I've even showered with them. They really stick. For anyone who's tired of drawing  eyebrows on their face; I highly suggest getting these.

So now it's show and tell time with all my new headcovers and wigs!

Here I am as a WFMU supporter gal! I'm in my longest wig and eyebrows!

Don't forget that this is WFMU pledge time. Let's keep our favorite radio station up and running! They got hit hard by Sandy last year and need extra help this year! So pledge and get some great swag like the hat and shirt I'm wearing!


Here is my longest and lightest weight wig. I suppose it'll be good in the summer, but it's a bit loose and the wind could send it flying! I got it free at Duke's Boutique where they give a free wig, scarf, woolly hat and turban to those that have lost their hair. I feel like a teenager in this one!

This is a hair hat I made myself. Inspired by Wear With Attitude fake fur hats by Ms Presto! She even gave me tips on how to make this one. In an instructional You Tube video shot in the nude!!! I love her!! For those who don't want to go through all the trouble to sew your own,  go to Ms Presto's great webstore in the link above. I've had so many compliments on this one. And it's my personal fave to wear!

Notice in the photo above the painting Dan did of the day he and I first met at a party in 1999!

This is a free scarf from Duke Boutique! And wig from the ghetto store down the street! 

The wig that looks most like my hair used to!

That same wig in pig tails! 

My favorite scarf that used to belong to Clare Harmon. I love it, and think of Clare just about every day! I wear it a lot!!!!!

My least favorite acquisition from the Duke Boutique - Dan thinks it looks too much like a cancer cap.
My prison scarf  - I love it! It'll be great for summer. Here it looks more like a railroad train hat.  But photos are deceiving.

My favorite hat that I got in Wilmington. People think I'm a crazy loon when wearing this. I don't see why! It's so cute! They must be afraid of clowns!

And I look good in it!

Me looking pretty good for a beat up, dissected cancer person!

I want to thank all the people that have given their time and efforts to put on benefits. 

Tom Abs and Adam Downey of Northern Spy, and WFMU's great Brian Turner.

Peter Stampfel (of the Holy Modal fuggin' Rounders)

Key Of Shame

Greg Fox
He's in Japan with ZS right now:

WFMU's Brian Turner
Tickle Polyester 

Zak Boerger for putting together Circuit des Yeux, Rabid Rabbit, These Wonderful Evils, and Nad Navillus

Melissa Oresky for her Collage on Demand

Hugo Santos, Manel Pena, and Gloria De Lotos in Spain.

Univers in Barcelona, Spain

And to all the people that have donated to my fund - I thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping us going and for keeping my spirits high! I love you all!!!! 

If there's anyone that I didn't mention please forgive me, and know that you were thanked too! I couldn't get along without the help of others!



  1. Hi Letha! You look fabulous! You are a real trooper, the way you keep your sense of humor through all this is truly inspiring.

    You did a beautiful job on the hat! I'm so glad you opted to make it yourself, its just so much more fun to wear that way.

    I wish you all the best!

    ms presto

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