Saturday, September 15, 2012

Holy Crap! What Now?!!!!!

My visit to NYU ER - Oh, the good ol'times!

I thought I best get on with doing this blog, because so many things have happened, and now it looks like I'm going to be face down in a pillow 24/7 for 10 days straight (24/10)!
I have a detaching retina - and I was kinda OK about it - matter of fact, like, just get it fixed! Right? But now it looks like I might have to spend ten days face down after the operation as my detached retina heals. Only getting up 15 minutes at a time, each hour. This is a 'quite common' regime in the retinal healing process; though my eye surgeon made it all seem like a walk in the park. He also said that a Sceleral Buckel, a gas bubble, or vitreous replacement is used in repairing detached retinas. For me, the Dr. said it could be one, or a combination of those remedies listed; and it wouldn't be decided on, until he was able to get in there and see how bad it was.

Here's where it all went pear shaped!
I must admit, I looked on some internet forums to get an idea of what the post op healing process would be like, and Freaked!!! I'm still up the Freakland high-tower and will be there until someone gently talks me down. People on the forums were talking about having to lay face down with their head in one position for 10 days. That's looking into a pillow for ten days!  No reading, no computer, no watching TV, no sudden movements, no sitting upright for more than 15 minutes each hour. 45 min down/ 15 minutes up.  For ten days! No knitting, painting, no playing cards - just me and my new best friend, Pillow! It's just so dreadful to me! To me, it's worse than cancer! If I'm sitting up and facing the world, I can at least pretend that I'm normal - That's hard to do laying face down looking at a pillow. That is not a normal life! A pillow shouldn't be looked at that long - it's damaging! I can't stand the thought of doing nothing for ten days straight! How will I get through it? - Oh, the imaginary horror!!

I won't really know until after the surgery what my post op routine will be - but I can tell you this, other people out there in the world had to lay face down for ten days straight, un-drugged! That is my definition of hell and my new worst nightmare! I'm a fidget-er!  I have to be doing something! Always!

I was thinking I would leisurely write my blog over the next few days, but now I feel such pressure knowing I can't type while face down. I'm not supposed to strain my eyes. I'm not supposed to look at a computer! I was going to tell of my up and down roller coaster ride of being in NY, but I might just have to put that on the back burner. We'll see. I might feel like getting it together for tomorrow - I mean it's unbelievable all the things that happened! Good and Bad, and Ugly, really Ugly! And Good!

If any of you have had a detached retina repaired - please write to me and let me know it's not that big of a deal. And it's only ten days! Right!? And that I can lay still for that long. People get through hardships everyday - right! They get through it - right! Even if they have to look at a pillow for ten days. Right! I mean it, please write to me if you've had this problem!

I do want to say this before I go:
Love to all in NY, especially my host Mike Galinsky and Suki Hawley, who took such extra special care of me. Thank you! I couldn't have been there without their help. Please support them and their film Battle For Brooklyn at Dean Playground on Friday September 28th at 8PM!

I'll do my best to keep on writing.


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