Thursday, March 15, 2012

Don't Let Sleeping People Eat

Well, well, well! Is the glass half empty or half full? I'm going to have to lean towards b.{ the half full side today.

For all of you that have fallen on swords, I'm feeling your pain. I now know what it feels like to be skewered like a Shish Kabob. I was only in for a biopsy to have a look-round and see what these spots of 'Activity' were - but my amazing Dr. D sussed 'em out visually. He saw they were cancerous and scooped the offending spots out of me like they were choice scoops of ice cream. Thanks Dr. D!

I have to give nods to my anesthesiology team too! They didn't give me gas this time to put me out, which is the ticket to dreamland for me! I wasn't nauseous one bit coming out of it. The only scary thing about that, was I kept nodding out, mid sentence, and mid chew.   I'd wake up and realize I had been eating a fig newton, or a bite of hamburger and nodded off while the mashed food was trapped between my molars. I was lucky I didn't choke. Moral: Don't Let Sleeping People Eat.

I'm so happy that these cancerous spots didn't get any further down the road than they did. If they were left longer, they could have taken over my lungs, and then where would I be?  I'm very lucky that Dr. D didn't have to take my left lung as previously thought. He was worried that because of the placement of one of the cancers, he would have to take my whole left lung. That didn't happen. That glass is getting fuller on thoughts like that!

I suppose I'll find out what happens for me soon. I'm sure I'll have a new path of treatment. I just really wish I could be part my first Doctor's clinical trial. He ran out of funding and needs about 20K to finish it out. I've been racking my brain on how to raise money for him. I gave him a long list of places where he can apply for grants - I'm sure he's contacted most of them already. I thought about  some kind of Kickstarter program to get the money - but I'd have to think about how to work that one.

Anyway, I'm resting at home spending time with my wonderful loving husband, and sweet little bird who stands on my chest looking me in the face, seeming to say, "Come on mom. Get up, I want to play. Why aren't you getting up? OK I'll just sleep here on your chest, just in case you decide to get up. I love you Mom!"

Ahhh, what a family!

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