Thursday, February 16, 2012

Go Away Cancer! Everyone Hates You!



What get's smaller and shivers in fear?



Cancer on the run from a cocktail of IL-2 and Yervoy!

I got mixed results from my PET scan. Scary weird shit news mixed with really great news. My oncologist says that all my old cancer spots have gotten much smaller or have gone altogether! Yes!!!! It's true!!! Even my most worrying cancer spot in my sacrum bone looks like it's on it's way out!!

Ha! I spit on you cancer, and all your poopy ways!

That's very good news, and Dan and I are so happy about that! I was fearing the cancer would have spread through my sacrum bone to other places. What a relief, it doesn't look like that'll happen!

I do have to mention here, there are some new spots that lit up brightly in my new PET; but since it's near my lungs and hard to biopsy, my oncologist wants to wait for three months and do another PET to see if they change in size. That makes me so nervous - I have an Art Therapy group that I belong to at Duke Hospital; and the last time we met, we wrote down our experiences and read them out loud. One of the women there described all my symptoms to a T, the shortness of breath and chest discomfort as a prelude to her stage IV lung cancer. 

When my oncologist told me about these new spots I just about 'had a heart attack' (Ha, ha!).  My oncologist described the spots as "Activity'. I'm thinking 'Oh Shit!' He says it doesn't have to be cancer. I'm still thinking 'Oh Shit!' He didn't want to order a biopsy because it would be very invasive if it didn't turn out to be anything. And since I'm still suffering daily from the aftermath of my pituitary gland biopsy, I agreed to wait. But I can't help being frightened.  If my breathing wasn't so bad, I most likely wouldn't be as freaked out. That Art Therapy monologue haunts me.

 I'm just going to run with all the good news my doctor gave me as long as I can! I'm going to try to figure out this breathing problem and not worry about spots until my three months is up.

It's good to be alive!
I'm gonna wash up with some WFMU Miracle Soap!
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