Friday, February 24, 2012

Cart's Before Horses Don't Move

If you put a cart before a horse, that cart ain't going nowhere; but the horse might run off in a different direction! That's what's happening, my horse is rearing up and ready to run!

Beware of doctors contacting you over the weekend! Typically it won't be good news. I had really settled on waiting for three months to see what would happen with the new hot spots that had shown up on near my lungs, in my latest PET scan. I had all kinds of distractions waiting in the wings to keep my mind from dwelling on the fact. Things to do like: taxes, painting, and I even thought I'd do some music. I haven't worked on my own music in a while.

But I recieved an email from my oncologist last Saturday, and it's looking like I'm about to have an other round of surgery.  My doctor showed my PET scan to a Thoracic (chest cavity) surgeon, and he concluded that it would be in my best interest to have a biopsy done as soon as possible.
I have a consultation on March 6th to find out the in's and outs of the risk involved and exactly what the plan is;  and then I'm scheduled for surgery on March 12th.

I don't really know what to think about this one.  It's better to be safe than sorry - but I'm getting so tired of having to be in the hospital and then laying about until I heal.

But then having all these breathing problems is no fun either, and what if it's related? I had a battery of tests today (Friday) to see if we can get down to the bottom of my Breathing and Chest discomfort problems before I go in to surgery. They didn't really come to any conclusions - but there is some concern on their side about lung disease (which could mean any of many, many things)

It won't be long before I have my own private entrance to the clinic. I'm there almost every day! My doctor's receptionist can now recite my medical number when I say hello on the phone, that's before I can get my name out of my mouth!

Another pressing problem I'm having is that I'll have to make room on my Cavity Sam photo for another surgery! It's getting pretty full up.  I hope I don't have to start a Cavity Sam 2 photo!

Looking back over this photo, I do have to say that my floaters are getting better, and that's good news! Maybe I can take that one off to make room.


I also can't express how much WFMU has been such a great staple in my life over the years. It would be a different world with out it! For everyone that is able to pledge, even a small amount helps. Let's keep the music going!

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  1. Letha, have they had you see a pulmonologist to rule out a respiratory tract issue? I ask because when my mother had lung issues during chemo it turned to be her chest. She had some wonderful people at Mt. Sinai and I can put you in touch with them if you would like. Please let me know. Glad your eyesight has improved, and clearly your inner vision is completely intact! Love and health, Elana xo