Friday, February 18, 2011

To Amputate or Not to Amputate, that is the Question

The next nights after work were filled with scouring the internet looking over every page that had anything to do with clear cell sarcoma. There wasn't much, so I joined a forum for rare cancers. After reading all the entries, it looked like a lot of people opted for the somewhat life lengthening option of amputation. Normally they had a 5 year survival rate. So little is known about the clear cell sarcoma, other than it doesn't respond to any mapped out treatment. So I start to imagine life with out my leg. Well, it couldn't be that bad - once you got used to it. A little bit of a ghostly itch now and then. Maybe a fall or two,maybe you'd be a little Topsy-Turvy for a while. I'd get used to it, and I'd get a wooden peg leg - just for kicks! Who does that sort of thing anymore?

My appointments had been set for both specialists. The first was the clear cell guy. I waited for a good 45 minutes before anyone poked their head in. After another 20 minutes he came in, he looked over the lump and said that amputation wasn't an option for me because it was located up too high.  He told me he'd just cut it out and we'd do some form of treatment. I told him he was dashing my dreams of a wooden peg leg - he didn't even crack a smile.

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  1. Letha,

    I absolutely LOVE your blog. You're an incredibly talented writer. Your ability to make light of a "serious doctor moment" is amazing. Keep it up. I have only started reading your saga, can't wait to get caught up. I'm sending "good-health" vibes your way!