Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Introduction and Pre-Diagnosis

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Who ever thinks they'll end up being diagnosed with cancer? I didn't! Well, maybe just a few times in my life, I did think about it whilst dragging hard on a crusty cigarette. And I suppose, I thought about it just enough to finally listen to my wonderful husband's pleas and quit smoking.  I must say, as cancer goes, I'm so thankful that I didn't get lung cancer. Not only would I then have heard the 'I told you so's' lining up, but I'd never have been able to forgive myself for being so pathetically stupid.

October 2010 -  It's my and Dan's 10 year anniversary! We're happy and proud that we've made it this far, and to celebrate we plan a trip to Savannah, GA.  Weeks before the trip I develop what seems to be a pesky bladder infection. After seeing a doctor about it, I am told there is nothing wrong with me and I am in perfect health. A miserable week goes by and I go back, this time seeing a different doctor, who confirms the tests show nothing, but I could have interstitial cystitis. This is a chronic inflammation of the bladder - which can be managed by diet. And is 0% fun.

Poor me, I didn't want to eat anything because it made me uncomfortable so I just ate apples, and salad. Our trip to Savannah, was a bit marred by the fact I wasn't eating. I missed out on Paula Dean's fine fried (to death) fare. The trip was also marred by the rancid smell of the near by paper mill that hung in the air like gutter bum's foul wafting fart. Savannah is beautiful, but with the tactless tourist and the heavy stench permeating everything; (even the lurid paint strokes of the 'Beauty and the Beast Falling In Love'  in the Thomas Kinkade  Gallery were permeated with the aforementioned); we have to let people know, "Don't go to Savannah!"
By the end of October I had lost 20 pounds and gained a Jersey Tomato sized lump in my inner right thigh.

Bejesus! What the....!!!^*####*! How ever did I miss that, I'll never know!  Honestly, in another day or two it'd be a baseball. I immediately went back to the Doctor, who heavily suggested I see a local surgeon. 

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