Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ten Day Headache! *#!**@#!!!#!!!!

Today I was supposed to get my third infusion of Yervoy, but instead I got a IV full of steroids. I've been having bad headaches for the last ten days. Not your usual alcohol residual, or 'haven't eaten anything' type of headache. It was very different. It was a steady climb from a low grade - "I can ignore it" type - to a consistent, persistent phantom trying to break my skull open to feast type. Then you sprinkle in a bit of 'Stabby McStabbington' behind the eye sockets every few minutes, while thinking of ice picks, and you have an idea of what it was like. It never ended! I couldn't move my eyes around. It hurt. It hurt to lay my head on my pillow. Laughing, coughing, and sneezing hurt. One of the most unusual things about it was I could feel my heels in the center of my head while walking, every step was like a fingernail flick to my brain. OUCH!!!!

Evan, my oncologist's P.A., said it was a sinus infection. She had me on Mucinex, Sudefed, Excedrin Migraine, and regular ibuprofen - all at different times - nothing worked for days. So I was sent to have a MRI on Monday, and this Tuesday morning I was told I have a swollen Pituitary Gland stem.

This image and the description below was pulled from rickrichards.com 

The pituitary gland, produces the hormones the body's needs. These hormones are then circulated in the blood to the body's tissues, including other endocrines.

Evidently it's not that serious, the steroids should take the swelling down and I'll be able to continue with my treatment, hopefully by next week. I'm slotted in for the 22nd of September. The picture above  makes the Pituitary Gland look like it's part of my brain - but it's not really, and I couldn't be happier.

So as of now, I feel so much better. I don't feel the pressure against my optic nerve as much. The headache is leveling. 'Stabby' is making less frequent appearances - thank god, and I should be back up to my norm by sometime tomorrow.

I think I'll be able to sleep tonight!

PS: I don't know how I did it - but I played guitar with Dan at the Hopscotch Festival in Raleigh NC. We sounded great thanks to Tony (Keys) and David (Drums) who came down to play from NY and DC. I have to tell you the best part of the whole night was that I had the best 'seat' in the house to see and hear Dan do his blazing guitar solos! He's amazing! I want to thank Tony, and David for coming to play with us. Sorry I won't be in NY!
Hopscotch Festival 2011

Love to all!

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