Wednesday, July 20, 2011

1980's Extended

Today I was looking up a photographer who I modeled for in the 80's so I could write him an email; but I soon realized that without one of the photographs he took of me to show, he'd have a hard time remembering who I was.  He's had an extensive career that has spanned over a long period of time beginning in the late 60's.  That's a lot of photographs to remember! So I found the newspaper ad that was taken for Henri Bendel's department store photographed by the great Gosta Peterson,  as well as clippings from the NY Times, Fashion of the Times (1988), and a Issey Miyake poster that was taken while I was in Japan.

I'll be doing an updated on my status, but will likely wait until the beginning of August.  I have a new PET scan coming on the 26th of July. I had a great visit to my mom in Texas, thanks to my sister and her husband, to whom I'm incredibly grateful. And I have, after 19 days (really 33 days counting the first surgery) finally gotten my staples out of my leg. I can't tell you how thankful I am to have mobility back in my leg! Thank You Very Much!!!!

Till August...

1981 Henri Bendel Ad that ran in the NY Times newspaper - shot by Gosta Peterson

Me and Mary Ann Daniel from a 1988 NY Fashion of the Times Magazine shot by Ellen Forbes Burnie

A second time I was in the NY Fashion of the Times shot by Ellen Forbes Burnie

1988 NY Fashion of the Times Magazine shot by Ellen Forbes Burnie

A Issey Miyake poster - you can see how big it is from my toes showing while I snapped the shot.


  1. Hi Letha, great post. Issey Miyake rules! Hope you're feeling not too bad. Cheers,

  2. Letha, you are positively gorgeous in these pictures! Elana xo

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