Saturday, April 2, 2011

As Dolly Sings It - 'Here We Go Again'!

I’ve got two days before the process starts all over again. I can’t lie and say that I haven’t been dreading it. I have, on a very base level. I’m glad I had two weeks to recover - I needed every second of it. There were many things to be done - mundane things. Such as a months worth of laundry, doing grocery shopping; and getting the car jump started on three different occasions, that culminated in a new battery from Sears that wasn’t needed, and $400.00 later a new starter from the mechanic we originally bought the car from. The latter seemed to do the trick, and Dan and I are able to run the rest of our many errands.

Highlights of this weekend are: it’s currently beautiful outside, I’ll be attending a baby shower thrown for some dear friends of mine, I’ll look better in about a half hour (I’m dyeing my hair, so I look my best as a blown up cube-head) and Dan and I plan on seeing a light hearted film tomorrow before I pack my bags.

If I can ask again for you all to think of me through out the week, starting on Monday the 4th, I would be so thankful!  You all helped me so much to achieve 12 out of the 14 doses during the first round of treatment and I’d like to be able to get through just as many this time round.

I thank you deeply for your support!


  1. Dear Letha, Bravo! It's amazing to hear how up and active you've been since the last round of 12. Two weeks after chemo and you sound like superwoman in comparison to my sorry ass! Love and health, Elana

  2. Geeze I'm dreading the treatments you'll be, er, undergoing, myself...
    You managed to so vividly convey at least a small idea of what it's like to go through.
    I am, however, looking forward to hearing some good hallucination stories when its all over.

  3. We're thinking only the best thoughts...sending out only the best vibes.